Voice over Internet Protocol

Voice over Internet Protocol

Voice over internet Protocol, also called VoIP, IP Telephony, Internet telephony, Broadband  telephony, Broadband Phone and Voice over Broadband is the routing of voice conversation over the internet or though any other IP-based network. Protocols which are used to carry voice signals over the IP network are commonly referred to as Voice over IP or VoIP protocols. It is a rather new technology.

Voice over IP Telephone SystemTelephone System:  A VoIP system allows people on a network to place calls using the network instead of a traditional telephone system. A company can replace its entire telephone system with a VoIP system or integrate VoIP into its existing telephone system. Integrating VoIP into an existing telephone system allows people to use the VoIP system to call other network users and a traditional phone line to call people outside the network.

Hardware and SoftwareHardware and Software:  Dedicated hardware and specialized software are needed by VoIP system in order to operate. A VoIP system typically uses a device similar to a hub to manage the phone calls made on the network. VoIP software is required to monitor and maintain the efficiency and quality of voice communications on the network.

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