Starting with MS-DOS

Starting with MS-DOS


  • Let us see how to start a computer with MS-DOS. Based on whether the computer has a hard disk drive or not, this process is done in two different ways.

Starting with MS-DOS

  • Without Hard Disk Drive


  • If your computer does not contain a hard disk drive, then it must have a have a floppy disk drive to boot the system.


  • To boot the systems, keep a floppy disk that contains the MS-DOS (Floppy, Boot Floppy or System Floppy) into the first drive and close the drive door.


  • Switch on the system, after some time the computer will start copying the OS from the floppy disk into the computer’s memory.


  • The computer will then display “starting MS-DOS” message on the screen. Once the OS is transferred into the computer’s memory DOS will take control of the computer and you will see the DOS prompt A:\>on the screen.


  • A :/>


  • Now you can start using the computer.


  • Once the DOS prompt comes on the screen, you can use DOS commands to communicate with the computer. When you are at the DOS prompt, computer will recognize DOS commands.


  • With Hard Disk Drive


  • If your computer has bootable hard disk drive then every time you switch on the computer, you will not be required to place a DOS or Boot floppy disk into A: drive.


  • When booting the system from a hard disk make sure that the door of all floppy disk drives are open, otherwise if you have a floppy disk without the OS in the floppy disk A: and if the door of the drive A: is close then because the computer cannot find the OS in that floppy disk, computer will suspend the booting process with some error message such as


  • Non-system disk or disk error


  • Replace the disk and press any key


  • If your hard disk drive is not bootable then you will be required to provide a bootable floppy every time the computer is switched on.


Starting With Windows 95/98


  • If your computer has Windows 95 or Windows 2007 installed on the hard disk drive then you need to boot the machine from the hard disk drive itself.


  • When using Windows is starting from the hard disk drive, after sometime, “Starting Windows 95” or “Starting Windows 2007” message appears on the screen.


  • Next, depending on the software setup with Windows, a log on screen may appear. If this screen comes on then type in the user name and password, at appropriate places and press enter key.


  • After the enter key is pressed, the Windows is loaded into computers memory and the control of computer is handed over to the Windows.


  • After Windows is loaded. Windows task-bar Start button will appear on the screen. At this stage one can start using the computer.