Server Operating System

Server Operating System

Server Operating System


A server operating system in an operating system that is designed specifically to support a network. A server operating system typically resides on a server. The client computers on the network rely on the server(s) for resources. The stand-alone operating systems function as clients and work in conjunction with a server operating system. Some of these stand-alone operating systems to include networking capability; however, server operating systems are designed specifically to support all sizes of networks, including medium-to large-sized businesses and Web servers. Examples of server operating systems include Windows Server 2008, UNIX, Solaris, and NetWare.


Server Operating SystemWindows Server 2008: It is an upgrade to windows Server 2003. Windows Server 2003. Which includes features like improving Web server management, enabling users to 2008, which includes features like improving Web server management, enabling users to share data, enhanced server security, protection against malicious software attacks, etc.



Server Operating SystemUNIX: It is a multiuser, multitasking server operating system, widely used as the master control program in workstations and servers. UNIX is capable of handling a high volume of transactions in a multiuser environment and working with multiple processors using multiprocessing.

Many of the first computers used to establish the internet ran the UNIX operating system. Even today, UNIX is the most widely used operating system for servers on the Internet.


Server Operating SystemSolaris: It a version of UNIX developed by Sun Microsystems, is a server operating system designed specifically for e-commerce applications.



Server Operating SystemNovell’s NetWare: It is a server operating system designed for client/server networks. NetWare has a server portion that reside on the network server and  a client portion that reside on each client computer connected to the network, NetWare supports open source software and runs on all types of computers from mainframes to personal computers.

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