Ring Network

Ring Network Structure

Ring Network Structure

Ring Network StructureA ring network is a topology of computer networks where each node is connected to two other nodes, so as to connected to two other nodes, so as to create a ring. When a node receives a massage, it examines the destination address attached to the message. The ring can also be designed to bypass any malfunctioning or fails node.

The information traverses in single direction only. When a computer sends information, it transfers the information to the computer located next to it. If a computer receives information that is not addressed to it, the computer passes the information to the next computer in the ring. The computers continue to exchange the information until it reaches its intended destination.

Setup:  Computers are usually located close together in ring network. It is easy to set up because the computers are attached to a single ring of cable and no central connector, such as a hub, is required. There is no beginning or end in a ring network.

Expansion: Expansion on a ring network can create difficulties because when you add a new computer to a ring network, the new computer is connected, the network will not function properly.

Troubleshooting:  When a break in the ring occurs, information can still be shifted along the cable to computers before the break, but not to computers after the break. This enables to determine the location of a problem. Many ring networks have double rings that exchange information in different directions to help prevent disruptions in the network service.

Cost:  Ring networks are expensive to set up. As all the computers on a ring network must be attached to a single ring of cable, the network will require a larger amount of cable if the computers are far apart.

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