Network and Sharing Center



By opening Network and Sharing Center, you can see the current status of network.

Control Panel

  1. Click on Start

The start menu will appear.

  1. Click on Control Panel.

The Control Panel window appears.


The Control Panel window appears.

Network and Internet

  1. Click on View network status and tasks.

The Network and Sharing Center window appears.

Network and sharing center window

This line represents the connection between your computer and the network.

A green line means you are connected and a red line means you are not connected.

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This is the name of your network.


  1. Click on Local Area Connection if you experience network problems.


The Status dialog box appears.

Wireless Network Connection Status

  1. Click on Diagnose and then follow the instructions given by Windows.
  2. When you have finished repairing, click on the Close button to close the Status dialog box.

The network and Sharing Center window will appear again.

  1. When you have finished working, click on the Close button to close the Network Center.