Hybrid Network

Hybrid Network Structure

Hybrid Network Structure

A hybrid network is constructed of different topologies, such as ring, star and bus.

Hybrid Network Structure

Wide Area Network:  Wide Area Networks (WANs) are commonly hybrid networks. WANs often connect multiple network structures to create one large network. For example, a company could use the star network structure in one office and the bus network structure in another office. The individual networks could then be connected by a microwave or satellite to from a hybrid network.

Setup:  A hybrid network is usually created when a network is expected to accommodate an increase in traffic. Hybrid networks can use variety of devices, such as hubs, routers and bridges, to join different network structures. It is quite different to set up a hybrid network because the devices have to be configured to allow the different network structures to work together.

Troubleshooting:  As a hybrid network user several technologies, it can be difficult to manage and troubleshoot. When an error occurs on a hybrid network, the source of the problem can be difficult to find. A company using a large hybrid network usually has its own network support department.

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