Haedware and Software


Hardware and Software

  • “Hardware” is a term used to describe the physical components of the computer, any computer part that you can see or touch, such as the computer monitor, keyboard, mouse etc. Is hardware any accessory or device connected to the computer, such as the printer is also hardware?


  • To make these hardware components work, software is required, “Software” is a set of instructions, provided to the computer to carry out the job required by user.


  • For example, if you want the computer to point salary slip of an employee, you will require a computer and a printer as hardware and at the same time you will also require software that will instruct the computer about.


  • From where to get the basic information required to calculate the salary,
  • How to calculate the salary slip.
  • How to print the calculated salary slip.


  • Without software the computer hardware is like a dead machine, it will be of no use.
  • To further understand the hardware, software concept, let us see the hardware and software in the audio system, the cassette player, speakers, microphone etc. are hardware, even the audio cassette is a hardware, because you can see and touch it, WI 11 be of no use, is the software.


  • By hearing the recorded songs you can realize that the software is there but you cannot touch or see it.


  • In this same manner, when you get some software on a floppy disk or a CD-ROM Disc, the floppy disk or the CD-ROM itself is hardware, but the program, the set of instructions stored on the floppy disk or the CD-ROM is software.


  • Other than the hardware and Software, two more wares are commonly used in the computer field; they are “firmware” and “human ware”.


  • “Firmware” is software permanently stored inside the computer.


  • “Human ware”, “People ware” or “Livewire” are the name given to the people who work with the computer, such as the computer programmers, system analyst, computer operators etc.